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€15.23 €15.86
  • Pieejams
  • m872

  • Izkliedes Jauda: W
  • stāvoklis: Jauns
  • Iepakojums: TQFP
  • Pieteikums: TV
  • Darbības Temperatūra: C
  • Modeļa Numurs: 2GAB/DAUDZ MN864778 MN8647781A MN8647781 MN864778P QFP LCD MIKROSHĒMU (IC)
  • Barošanas Spriegums: V
  • Veids: LCD CHIP
  • Zīmola Nosaukums: YUXINYUAN

MN864778 MN8647781A MN8647781 MN864778P QFP LCD MIKROSHĒMU (IC noliktavā

FAKE!!! If i knew i would measure ICs just after shipping. But protection ended and i lost $52. Put 2pcs on Denon HDMI board and IC made short circuit between GND and two other voltage lines 1.1V and 3.3V. I opened schematics and All chips even those never put on board has this short on legs!!! So how can they work? They has new label which looks different that oryginal. Bottom thermal ground is also smaller. DON'T BUY!!! I wonder if MN8647781A are also fake. But on those i didnt find that legs are shorted so maybe they are ok.

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